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I cant be held because I am an empty space and even on the better days when I become this stack of brittle bones I wont let you hold me   you know my lungs collapse each morning
I just think that I shouldn’t. And because I shouldn’t.  I am.  And if I am  Does that mean that  I should be? But even though I am  And I should, I really shouldn’t. 
Now I’m no country bumpkin And I (sure as hell) ain’t no city pumpkin Cause I ain’t got no phony smile Carved into my face   Now I’m no macho hero
I don't know... I can't shake the preening feeling... That I'm not really living... And even though it's not a physical pain- It's a dull persisting ache- And even though no one else is living
Save me No save you, Harm in help, Help in harm, Hate is charm, Joy is pain, Wild is tame, Life is death, Death is free, But do not, Save me, I choose,
Who am I?I am you.I am a breathing soul,Encompassed in a container of massThat seems to be self-aware of its mortality.  
I'm not the strongest And I see it now I've given up so much to be perfect To be powerful To be sure When all that I ever had to do Was be me I'm clumsy I'm tall I walk
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