Starry Night

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Deep in the night, we are silent below the stars shining bright. Our hearts pound for words unsaid. Our thoughts profound run rampant in our head. We’ve never told anyone not even our own
They threw rocks at me today.   They smirk and snicker as I   walk among streets and alleys home.   do they not know what they  
I jumped into the ocean one starry nightIn hopes that maybe you'd save meBut the waves came crashingAnd took me into their embrace,They took me to my sweet escape,Under the night sky, under the stars
I remember once when I was conversating, and I was waiting, for the person's ignorance to wear out   Because I realized, with new found real eyes, that even wisemen have their doubts  
Stars swirl and turn like a pool of quick sand Leaving gold dust in the darkening sky Flickering and burning til’ the world’s end Scattered like the homey towns in Versaille
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