depression loneliness abandonment

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I am an arsenal  pulling on my gun The bullet flies across the room All the men need to run.   My lips are steel as they take heart and turn Heads of luxury and fury, I speak every word.
It’s a sad day when seeing the ones you love happy doesn’t make you happy anymore.   The feeling of perpetual loneliness slowly consuming you as you continue to search for a love that you’ll never find.  
The air is clear My toes curl up As light Hides in its veil.   Doors creak shut All has ceased To move
Isn't it seen That this is me expressing myself through words on a screen  trying to find comfort  a positive scheme but only found nothing not even a shoulder to lean So I fall.
I sit and watch the world go by, Wondering why I must cry. Cry for all the pain and anger that's inside, The emotions I must hide. My heart beaten and broken on the ground Can anyone hear the painful sound?
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