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“Don’t leave me like this.” “I have to go.” “No, you don’t.” “Yea, I do.” “No, you don’t.” “Yes damn it, you know that I do.” “No, damn it yourself, I don’t.” “Stop being so stupid,
Im not really known  but your gonna know a bit about my life, some struggles and some pains, the things I had to fight . Im not here to complain, im only here to explain,
Damn. They said he was a horrible man That killing him would be a blessing A delight Then why does it feel so wrong His crimson blood staining these boots Like spatter art over the walls Beautiful
Of loving beauty you float with grace
 Spaced out from the liars, shit talkers , homophobic remarks appearing from thin air . Eyes locked at my chest and jean inprints. As society search desperately for clues.
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