Think about it

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Situation You talk to be heard Hear to listen Listen to understand Understand to Comprehend Comprehend to know Do we listen? Or just stare into space Using our eyes not our ears
Today we are more sensitive to race than ever before. All the media has to do is put BLACK in the midst and Al Sharpton is on his way. I'm not saying racism does not exist. But why are we slaves to the very thought of it?
You don't get a second chance at a first impression. So chase your dreams or your nightmares will catch you.
Crayola has the right idea Every color in the media Every tone of every flaw Yeah, Crayola has them all The lovely red smudged on your lips Is the same red running down his wrists
    Caramel skin with an undertone of olive Glowing in the fluorescent light I stare at myself in the mirror
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