Rising up

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Where do you go when you have no one to turn to? When the lines of love you had, you've simply burned through... What do you do when hearts lie broken, shattered particals like sand...
I am a fucking phoenix. You can tear me down You can burn my body Leave me in the ashes of memories And even blow them across the floor
When I was 6 years old I saw my mama weeping She was crying in the back seat and I just took a whoopin When it was all over she said that she was proud of me, that one day I would grow and succeed
Push me down again, I dare you. Shove my head down in the sand. Make it so there is no air. So that no words can be spoken.   What would be new?  
Bleeding nails, Pull yourself up on that ledge. It’s just a little bit further. Hell isn’t the bottomless pit they always talked about. Once you catch yourself you just start climbing,
I used to think about that day all of the time No one knew but us three I was so young they thought I would not remember But I do
We won't back down, We'll never give up. Don't forget who we are; We are the ones to trust.
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