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Through the darkness There shall always be light While through the joy There shall always be fright But through the pain There is nothing but might
Mighty is a strong word but strong is stronger. That may not seem right but neither is wrong.   Hate is a strong word but love is stronger. That is always right but one is wrong.  
Haikus Inside, there is war. The heart and mind, They quarrel. Like kindred beings.   Fell between the cracks. Shortcomings, All too common.
I'm on the verge Can't you feel the energy surge I'm almost there So beware 25,000 points seemed out of sight But I scored it with all my might And that's right It was a very hard fight!
Won't you hold me tight In the middle of the night Don't turn on the light Hold me with all your might You know it ain't right If we have a fight That seems to be my plight But your out of sight!
The change it blows, across the sky. The wind it grows, as seasons die. Heralding might, with each new dawn. Winning the fight, through guise of calm.
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