Laughter Happiness Love

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Butch Malone walked tall that day when he arose from his rest. Outside pillars having climbed the long whinding duration of each moment he awoke. Various scenes flashed by his brain in remembrances alone again in a pitch darkened room.
Children, you maybe suffering inside. Living in a culture of death. Sitting on the sidelines waiting to make your next move. Well listen up the sun comes up every morning. God will wipe your sin stained slate clean.
You watch as I rot inside my cage getting lost in a purple haze Like a mouse stuck in it's maze wake up late to one of those days
People are starting an uprising. We can come collectively together. In order to celebrate are differences. There is a lines being drawn in the sand. Heads in the street scream love yet it's only lust in disguise !
This is for the ladies who do nothing shady live, laugh & cry As time goes by a beckoning call to relish in the memories of your past
Snapshot memories of are past having so much fun with the hope that it would last To my best friend Nan, a beacon of light to a hurting world in need of love
faces, spaces & traces we each must go before the fault were all in the same cage here what you sow is what you reap
Faced with the ultimate question, If I were stranded, All alone, What would I bring  To make me feel at home? The answer is difficult, Not an easy task, What would I do,
It was you who taught me how to live, to learn, to experience.   With your wisdom I fought. Fought my fears, my struggles, myself.   Your love made me strong. I fought
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