Be the true you

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Because I love you,  I give up my self confidence,  I break my independence, and I am forced to be the me you want me to be, But because I love you, I love you as I love my true self,  I care for you, 
I am beautiful I am not the "typical" beauty that everyone speaks of  I am beautiful because I have endured many things I am beautiful because I am kind to others I am beautiful because I help those in need
You look in the mirror every morning at four and keep looking and wondering more and more why do you care how you look you ask why everyday must you do your hair and make up, such a tedious task
  Dark and depressing thats how they go but not for me, I wish to be free My soul is soaring, I have made it. My life has not ended, but just began. There is no storm cloud, unless I wish to see one.
The mirror is not kind, Instead of showing me what I am, It shows me what I need to be, I need to be someone else, I need to be skinnier, I need to be prettier, I need to be,
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