health care

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Trump became President and I got askedAre you proud to be American now?I never boasted that I was AmericanBut by the questioning of "now" and by the given smirk, I could tell that the answerWas decided for me
Land of the Free the healthy ones Land of the Free The ones who can afford it
Mother don’t be scaredFather don’t you worryI’m leaving you in the hands of a beautiful fairyShe devotes her life to taking care of your needs
Dreaming of a job where I can save lives of the poor and oppressed helping ill and less fortunate, who live on the fringe and are most times depressed.   Medical science is that dream
We cannot know what pain feels like Though evidence suggest it is unpleasant We cannot know who they were before Though evidence suggest they are now sick   We cannot know who their loved ones are
Let me tell you a little bit about the people you pass by every day- in school, in the drugstore, in the mall, on the street, in your one home
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