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How many times Have you stared at the dark ceiling, Tears streaming down your cheecks, And willed yourself to sleep?   How many times Have you fooled a friend With a smile Or laugh?
"Broken bones Broken mind         How could I           Be so blind Broken hope Broken staff         I though you Once had my back  But it wasn't true As i onced belived 
"I am so different now I never wanted to stand out I wanted to fade into the crowd But my thoughts were just too loud A whisper to a shout The words come pouring out."
lethargic and dumb I sprained my right thumb But truly a flower The sink man he scours A scope in that treat A rope to the teat I have no objective and Love my resentive,
Flying by, like ribbons on a windy day. Twisting, turning, dodging, rushing, missing, ignoring, ignoring, missing, aware but unaware, They are all the same.   Dancing on the wind,
Don't you see the look? I glance away 24 more problems in a book More homework for another day   I can't see the board Can't understand what you write My test didn't have a good score
I stand here Never seen Never heard Never to speak Not one single word No one takes notice Or stops to stare For if I don't speak I'm not really there
I stand waiting, My eyes gazing across the horizon, The wind blowing my hair in the direction that you disappeared. My heart aches, The feelings within it rush up and down, Like the sea I am watching.
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