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The sight of those fires Seeking air in their confines Gives a reflection Elsewhere, far from themselves   Those who lost their light And constantly struggle To shine regardless  
Do you think this is what I wanted? Do you think I follow you so I can torment you? Do you think I'm happy? Do you think I am mad at you? Do you think I hate you?   I would never be mad at you.
Maturity, persistance, and forgiveness, have played major roles, of conquering the challenges of life, soo the story unfolds. A junior in high school trying to find my way,
Do not tell me to settle
Maybe I'm a fool for falling for you,
I’m human clay. Burnished and molded, Sculpted and folded, Fired and dry, Broken, But not remolded. Grated into dust As fine as the sand Worn down but not worn out
Life is a struggle filled with like minds befuddled.All trying to find reasons to exist.Many are stuck smoking spliffs and drinking fifths,But they say happiness awaits to those who persist.Many have perspired.
Plan the necessary steps to get closer to your goal. Emerge from a bad experience only looking at the situation as a lesson instead of a mistake.
We can't wait for it to get here, but when it's here it quickly goes away. Reality smacks us in the face when we realize we can't hold on to it.
My father had once told me you'll never know just what you'll be even with the end in sight just before the end of night dont jump too soon, because you'll fall just hang on tight, fight through it all
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