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Step one Look up to your brother he's in your corner And has a back when you've got none, don't let him down
I told someone my secretsI told all of my secrets to a bucketI'm afraid they won't holdwho the hell needs a leaky bucket with their wordstaped to the bottomI'm afraid I've given my guns
The stars have alignedGot you on my mindMy heart's cold and oh so lonelySo I swallow some sinFor the pain that I'm inA cigarette, a blade, a dietWhen we promised we'd stop
Every time I try to think it's like a haze Engulfs my mind. So negative, so deflating My mind is in a bind.   For you see, my creativity Is trapped in this haze.  So deflating, so negative
You can't spell 'Bully' without 'bull'as in Bullsh!t- which is brought by:
I’m like a phoenix When I burn down I rise from ashes Straight off the ground  
With the weight of 12 worlds on your shoulers the years of adolesence take a tole on your mind the same years that your parents spend theirs reminiscing in are the same that you enter this competition for a better life
Battered and worn down all day Only to rise renewed with the moon Temptation lurking in the heart Leaking into our actions Forgetting the pains of the past And venturing forth into the new horizon
I am the quad core intel i7 chip in the beautiful aluminum unibody MacBook Pro. I am the retina display in the iPhone 5. I am the 4g LTE in the all new iPad. I am the 32 gb of storage in an iPod touch.
So many days in that black swivel chair Clicking on clues, who needs fresh air? Staring at the screen with its curve like the earth You’d think I’d been doing this from at least birth
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