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What would people do if there were no signs in the world? Fortunately, there are many useful traffic signs on the roads. Stop signs, speed limit signs, pedestrian crossing signs, bus stop signs, etc.
  We are two different sides of the same soul This I say to you, my friend Lover’s Lane shall never end When we are finally together again   And I’ll let you know one thing is true
Society, is it purely what we seeit is the reason my father left mewent to prison, and remarried
  To those with one label             Family I never see             But close as can be             A standing title             Such as a bible
Delicate skin set to ignite New fire is lit to old flames Flash backs, for inferno will fight The crackles whisper their small names   Like smoke consuming the air Burdens suffocate
A little girl built a mighty fortress,Words. Of complexity and undeniable eloquence,What she hoped to be inside.
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