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This is how it goes. I begin by stepping into my room.   It’s everything to me that it smells like my perfume. It has 7 walls with a light that might go boom,
My feet sink into the earth, Like an old man in his favorite chair. Microscopic life tickles between my toes Leaving a sense of clarity and peace. The air tousles and textures my hair,
Deep in the mountains there lies an oasis The remanent of the natives of ancient
I’m tired, So tired. Someone please let me sleep.   I’ve been wandering for so long, Traveling through this vast desert. There’s nothing in sight No oasis like they claim,
In this sea of people their is a desolate dankness in the air.  Among the cigarette smoke and liquor evaporating from these young bodies; Her hair, smelling of a new shampoo her friend Hannah suggested, 
What is it that compels me to write?
A mirage upon the endless sands The heat whispering for you to sleep Your body slows to the movement of the timid wind The will to survive has vanished like the waters
Today is goanna be the day That they're goanna throw it back to you I always wondered what it would be like to be loved To have a strong heart To say what’s on my mind
Each summer I would go- Could it be that I’ve Gone there every year? You would Think it would get tiresome- Roaming those sand covered shores, Barefoot and wandering
To travel alone, Through a lonely desert. Everywhere you look, Dunes of sand. No one to share your company, No one to stand by your side. Tis a lonely world, this world can be.
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