hard life

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Somewhere along the lines, I have changed I’m not my normal self anymore I let people stick a finger in my face Tell me I’m no good And when things get hard  I look for something to blame  
Dear Ibuku,   How thankful I am for you. You gave me love and you gave me care, Gave me the Word of God and love for prayer.
             Ive been treated with fake love since day 1 the just loved the baby side of me  I was born with short term memory and they didn't want to tell me knowing that could've helped  instead they lied to me 
I m awaken by the shots  bamm bamm  i walk outside to see him dead in his own blood  his eyes looking up at me  like he want to tell me something  then i see it 
Her eyes,Melting away,Into sadness,Into decay,People who,Describe her look,May say she's undecided,But not a crook,When she rises early in the morning,She makes no sound,
Rusty bricks painted by graffiti. Lit neon flickered—    Quick Draw! ATM Inside! Steam rose out of street grates as if it were ghostly fingers come to carry sinners below. The sign posted—  
Do you know what it's like To be an outcast Caught somewhere between Wanting to fit in But not will to be One of them?
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