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Sometimes I think you are here   It is in little, subtle movements and noises that force me to question if you are still on earth   I cannot see you, only in pictures  
After making incisions around the scalp and peeling the skin back, I make a cut at the top of his skull like a trap door, revealing the super computer in his cranium. Brain tissue, bone, and blood cover my latex gloves.
  A starts it off. Two legs fixed in place. One point aiming for space. A is for agile. Active and nimble I’m always in motion. Quick to respond and voice my notion.  
I'm a Strong Black Woman, proud and true. I'm a Strong Black Woman, no matter what you do. I'm a Strong Black Woman, as the sky is blue. I'm  a Strong Black Woman and yes, I've been through.  
I wake in the morning, eyes wide, heart sprightly, Others still asleep, I move quickly, quietly, lightly. I slip on my shoes, and without words he knows,
I don't know if I will ever be able to describe you in the way I truly experience you. When I think of you, I lose the words. I can only feel them. I know you aren't meant for me.
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