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To be a bastard is to be fatherless To be a bastard is to have a father in Heaven To be a bastard is to be without the Father in Heaven
  Hey Dad, I really hope you're reading this right, and I would like for you to know I tried to kill myself twice. I was tossed into the world with no word of advice, without a better way out. I felt like ending my life.
Seen and not heard the unwanted child Mind uncultivated left to grow wild Blood, Scorn, Pain, the family shame Simply a bastard is all it will remain The black pile of steaming excrement in the pure fresh snow
They say poets make the best lovers Or, that’s what I think.
Tell me, Tell me how whole we are An unbroken family unit, no longer bent on space between calls. Remind me how intimate our ties are Forged by your flights of anxiety and his fights with insanity.
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