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The sheep follow the shepard As the shepard followed the Messiah So I ask why cant we be like sheep and put down our guard We as sinners follow our desire The same desire that makes us sad
I am confused about my religion.  I am supposed to be a faithful Christian on a mission.  So why do I feel Muslim?  To God is my submission.  But I would rather call him Allah, Father, or Jehovah. 
Do you want to see me cry. Or bleed heavily from heartache. My mind gushing from a gunshot or stay here in my black box. The world can be cold especially being raised in the ghetto.
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! This show boat is for certain
People say in God we trust but there are many times I continue to doubt It bothers me much since He is the one I love but with lost of hope and constant disappointment My actions speak louder than my words
I think God has a cruel sense of humor. Because when I turned eleven and pleaded with all my might to become immortal, I heard Him chuckle in the confides of the newly blackened space
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