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--------Thinking of a place so far away,But really just a lighter and a day.Don't be fooled by my beauty or fallIn love with me in a blink of an eye,For I won't be here when comes sunrise.
You reap what you sow.   Your skin is peeling Raw and exposed Do you see what I see? Ignorance is bliss   Heart disease liver disease mental disease   You reap what you sow
Trails walked by others Paths carved by those before us Their own metaphor   Stage, be our lantern Blue and silver be our light Our tassels ready   We walk our own trails
To this day.
Every morning the pain would start again,
I look at the world around me.      Full of love, joy, hope.      Marred by hate, pain, doubt. I see myself in the middle of it all.      So small, what can I do?      So insignificant, what can I change?
Life isn't easy, we all know this We try to be strong for our friends And family but sometimes it just gets  Too hard to cope, and then they miss   You because of your mistake, the one that 
Perfection is a standard made by unsoulful people People whom thought they had the right to define perfection
2000 chances were handed out in hopes that they would never be used  the number on the cards and people waiting for just one call to come in confused   2000 pieces of hope were believed in
knowing I can make a difference 
What would I change? Oh how vast that question is. There is no limit to the problems in our world.
Skin does not define who I am, it is not my choice.I did not pick this skin so I gave my skin a voice.
We don't know what he went through We don't know why he ended up where he is All we know is what we see   We see the a guy that has no where to stay
I want to tell you a story
Walking the dreams of something that will never come true
Have we really come to this? Our earth, our world, our lives. Society used to mean something, be something. Our ancestors risked their lives and their families lives to come to a better world, to start a new life.
I will not be a millionaire by the time it is all said and done But I hope to have touched at least one single life Whether that be a child, or a parent of a struggling child Being a teacher, it is not made for everyone
Global warming man We need more ice cubes for real We can change the world The world is nice Sooooo nice So we need to save it you know? Flowers are beautiful And so are the birds and bees
Global warming man We need more ice cubes for real We can change the world The world is nice Sooooo nice So we need to save it you know? Flowers are beautiful And so are the birds and bees
What would we be if god made it so we couldn't see?
If I had the power A power so strong that it could chang anything No matter how big or small Only one thing That thing would be the world To change the world Where discrimination wouldn't exist
I stand in front of the mirror- a girl I see, She has blonde hair, green eyes, a pleasant face to see.
Unhealthy human beings. Everywhere.
On her way to make pocket change Fridgid wind biting her face She sees it half submerged in the bank frozen solid clear as ice out of place unnatural continuity of shape giving it away.
One- It seems so small, tiny, miniscule But one can mean tremendous things One person can do so much.    One person can become the voice of a generation
People Only human We make mistakes We mess up and try to fix it Only then do we realize That it's too late.  Too Late. We are people. People of a hope that binds us.
I may not be the fastest runner Or by any means a ball player, But I have the strength to win. I may not be the "straight A" student Many a paper have only been for a trash bin,
They say you only live once, but I don’t believe it I get plenty of opportunities to live, to use my mind, to follow my heart, and make you feel my words You only live once, but I’d rather not waste away and drink all day
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