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Shy, cry, bye and why Look me in my eyes, and you still lie Tears swelling, questioning how I will get by Water weight dropping, I've ran myself dry I'm a wreck, be honest, how do I look?
   Love is the feeling of sensations. To hold a pain in your heart for someone, To capture that pain- Only making it whole when the lover is present. It is the emptiness in the chest,
Anxiety. Depression.They're not things you can define.
Love is a question mark that hangs above my head, It is like a butterfly that takes the risk of being dead, Love can be the root to many other emotions, Like despair which is as treacherous as all of the oceans.
Life is poetry. The delivery and how you read it Changes its meaning and how it’s interpreted. How you deliver yourself and how you read your mind Changes people’s feelings and how they’re influenced.
Radiant Outgoing Youthful Golden Beautiful Independent Vulnerable Royal Overprotective YOLO Grown Bedazzled Involved Vocal Regretful Open Yummy
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