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People, people, everywhere They are breathing all my air. I don’t like the lack of space. I have sweat drops on my face.  
Years has is it become Seeing eye to eye But very words Gave thrills and shrills To both, separated By approx. of 618.6 km And taking a 8 hour long travel Reaching by 7 in the morn  
The voices mount their cavalierly titles Marching towards the ever crumbling tower of hope Seeking out the destitute visage of my doubt The nucleur core of my growing insecurities
  Crowded train
The nervous sensation running down my skin, the only thing I feel is the desire to win. The wraps in my gloves are sweaty, my shoulders and arms feel heavy. I threw my last punches with all my power,
The crowded room is much too small for you; From locks of hair to smiles of gold you dance, And yet not once did you give me a glance; But with one glance I would give all to you. The corner suits me well, invisible
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