life philosophy

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We are all stranded in a deserted dominion Opressed by one's self, that's fact not opinion We take for granted what at glance is obvious and true For when we question is when we get the full view
We have all known that to survive in a place all alone It is the will of your destiny that has been sewn Through all existence, it has been fight or flight but what you don't realize is that it's the mental might
When a Human is no longer a Human when they disregard humanity. The basic laws we live by, the codes of  Courage, and the laws of Insanity.
The bodies will walk on the fourth closest sphere, And they like all forms that exist must adhere, The rules that these creatures soon will become fated, Shall rule generations once they are created.
Plato believed that we’d never understand anything around us                 because everything around us is the palest of illusions                 veiling their true definitions.   In which case, I’m screwed
They told us we had to build up walls around ourselves To keep out the stones that they were throwing at us So I built myself a labyrinth I thought I wanted to walk down those hallways
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