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Today is Easter Sunday The grass is a little greener The flowers are beginning to say hello The chill in the air seems less invasive   It’s time to wake up, get out of bed
My kiddos in Sunday School inspire me They never fail to make me laugh They've always changed my worst days to my best Being a teacher is valuable
the bells are tolling  another day disembarks still no sleep for me
if i turned over all the pebbleS one by onE
Sunday mornings are my favorite, always. There was no rush, and I got to spend my time in your corner, exploring the dark that creates your light. We move slow, savoring each moment until we go.
Pretty flowers shine all day Closing at night to chill and sway What a lovely Sunday
I made three phonecalls on a sunday. My parents didn't answer. My best friend didn't answer. I called 911 and she told me to tell the officer when he got to my home. I called for help. My wrists were slit.
The day before Monday The day of light The son of of God day of rest The day of worship The day after Saturday Half of the weekend Good stuff.
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