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(Patois)   Rite now mi ahn mi wife live monks bad-mindid people oo nuh cawpariet. Wi nuh mek nuh fren wid di warisum tenant dem inna di yawd. Mi nuo sey di tenant dem hiet mi ahn mi nuh like hypocritical greetin.
Who knows how old the vase in the kitchen corner floor is? Only god knows where it came from. or who made it or how long its been there or how it got to the kitchen
I pause for a moment checking my pulse, just for kicks Drums set the pace that my heart readily follows   Momma tries to discuss the farmer’s market but relents
Pick me up I feel the changrin rise.
The sheet rock itself was frayed. Not much pressure would break such a thin wall.   The entire lenghth of my arm touched break to break of the impact-hole
standing around the stove mashing tomatoes in our hands, her palms giving the sauce it's extra touch, as we laugh
Here, in the kitchen, you’ll hear if you listen The aimless Chatter of the plates, The soft landing of the napkins, The high-pitched “tink”s of wine glasses, The sharp exchanges of silverware,
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