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When writing this poem/song, I took inspiration from the greatest rapper of our time (in my opinion), Tupac Amaru Shakur/also known by his stage alias, “2PAC” while listening to arguably his most popular diss song called “Hit
Emotions are needed, why do I feel like they're stupid. All this crying, what's the point. Why feel pain if it's the past. Why not see the brighter days. Some feel less than others,
I remember.  I remember the fears. I remember the confusion. I remember the pain. I especially remember the lonliness. I remember the tears. I remember the depression. I remember the disdain.
He gazed below, over an icy peak Mocking the crowd underneath he deemed weak He scornfully scoffed and gave out a sigh With his bleak arrogance he stood there high.
Sly glittering eyes Feathers all around More cunning than wise Being without sound   Hunter in disguise Blue fire eternal
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