puerto rican

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1st The Boat The Sea The Land Which of these three will let us meet once more? Will it be on a faraway land hidden from sight?
Not Hispanic Not from Spain Not born in Spain We did not go to Spain Spain came to us Introducing us to slavery.  We are not Spanish We speak Spanish
The night is soft and pliant in my palms like Silly Putty, traced with finger and newspaper-print. It has imprinted the sound of bells clanging in the forest
Arroz con habichuelas, las telenovelas. (Rice and beans, Hispanic soap operas) Dark skin is not equivalent to sin. Puerto Rican I am, I am Puerto Rican.  
i'm proud to represent the red, white, and blue but the difference is how many stars in america, you need 50 states to be special in puerto rico, all you need is 1 one represent a star that stands on its own
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