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Values and morals are questioned. Does he deserve to die? Is any of this loss justified? Eternity. At least that's what it may feel like. The seemingly never-ending deaths.
America's Oxygen    We boast about being brave and being free But maybe that ain't as true as it means to be We built this country on God and trust But sadly our ways of life begin to rust  
Last time I checked, the only Immediate danger we face is in Middle school and high school from the Increasing large amounts of homework given.
The veteran Worthy of respect With a nation to protect From the cold, ill dangers Of the globe Giving the young boy hope
You know that girl you talk about? The one that raises her little sister. Her mom is fighting in the army. You know that man you tease behind his back? The one with a missing leg. He lost it in battle to defend his country.
The fire, the blood. It all seemed like a waste of a fight, until you look to see your best friend beside you, still as a star during the night.
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