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Sitting in Detention  
These four walls that help enclose the "problem children" 20 at a time They try to discipline us by trying to keep us awake with random school work
There might not be a reason why But I know there is no reason to hate The people say what route you take  And if you fall or fly But I won't lie when I say People make stupid mistakes.  
Is it innapropriate to say  I love you,  too much PDA?  Is it innapropriate to hug, even after a bad day? I thought kindness was key and killing a sin but in this backwards place
I walk into class every morning at 7:15 AM. Kids push and shove into me  and my scowl is covered by a red face. Why do you let kids hurt each other? Whether it be words or swords,
I'll get to class soon. The hall is too damn busy. No. Don't write me up.
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