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A room I'm trapped inside can't get out she trapped me in but my freedom I still see the key the key  that is what I need to escape the horrors of geometry.
In one ear and Out the other Listening skills, They lack Have to ask one another A question that The teacher just answered.   Act as if you know To the next class you will go,
I sit in geometry class, Hanging on no words, not even trying to pass. My eyelids have a heavy weight; They don't even care that this next theorem may decide my fate. To transform a polygon into a square?
Disguises for hypocrisy. Blinded by democracy. Honestly, do We know why We go to war and children die? Contradicting insanity - Thou shalt not kill, all of humanity. 
I'm tired of math. Too many know-it-all teachers can't communicate I don't learn like that, could you elaborate? "You see, the radius is C over Pi because Pi is the answer, but what is Pi?
Knowledge learned is quite a taste But this seems a bit of a waste I know I know You're teaching geometry But I can't help but feel this chemistry C'mon now don't be a square
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