Declaration of Independence

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All men are created equal Creator Unalienable rights Repeated injuries Tyranny Justice Voice of justice Free and independent states Protection of Divine Providence Sacred honor
Once upon a time... A document was written to declare the peoples' rights in a new nation. These unalienable rights promised to each and every person
It has been many years since we landed And many more since we set sail But I guess Great Britain couldn’t stand it The fact that we had begun to prevail   The scenario we were in
With iron pen, our great nation had been established and founded, 13 colonies, all elated; Britain, astounded.   America, the land which I'm speaking; its forefathers pronounce,
Oh senses For sensation brings desensitization And one man's trash, today, is the same man's treasure of yesterday. Unless, one learns moderation Learns to say "this is enough for now."
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