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Sacrilegious sacrifices Fathomless greivances Bruised bodies Screaming hate Whispering love Truthful lies Opaque transparency Preyful predator Bloody survivor Innocent guilt
Without the Filters,
 Everything has an opposite  and opposites cannot conform  to form  a peaceful balance  within the world  that they share    but what do they share?  Everything has an opposite
When were the brave ever in majority 
A bright yellow sky
what is this. is this really happening is it really the main interest. the amazement that i'm feeling never ceases. the faith i have in you decreases. my confidant. my companion. my foe. my antagonist.
Come, darling, dance with me. We’ll soar to the top of the sea, Swim with all the birds that fly, Linger at the bottom of the sky. We’ll waltz the tango until we drop, Love each other until our hearts pop,
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