body image eating disorder bulimia

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After years of starving myself to be thin, Rewarding myself when I ate far too little, And forcing myself to vomit if I ate “too much”,   Obsessively counting calories,
The more fat-filled shit you shovel in your pie-hole, the less it hurts. Shove it all down your throat until you can hold no more. Feel the warmth of your filled stomach. It expands farther than normal.
This is for the ones who stay up all night This is the ones  who can't look in the mirror 
 Afraid of my weight, I invited her in unaware of her vampiric properties. She excepted with a slither entering my every thought and action.  She made me get rid of food to make room for her. 
  Because models broke your heart at age twelve, when you werent even full grown, and you took the wrong turn, but honey, baby, sweetheart, Didn’t mom tell you
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