Anonymous Love Poem

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Campus was cra-zay in an atrium, but was it that jac-ket... that pulled me to you?I didn't say a thing, somehow we're introduced. Thought there was something, did you feel it too?  And I walked away (oh, oh), kept myself at bay (oh, oh).
It's autumn season but I'm hot like it's summertime. The leaves are changing color from green to yellow, But I'm mellow when I'm riding Summer's vibes. Days get more bright and warmer
Dear you, You are remarkable. I hardly know you but that is already evident. You are Venus. Warm and wise but underlined with power. You are a queen, Black queen, Obviously known.
If I held the sunI would cast it awayIf, by that action,You would turn my way. I don't know your nameI admit it, it's trueBut true also isThat I'd really like to
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