If Only

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I will always love you in the way that the insomniac  dreams of sleep. 
My chest tightens As the bile rises up   Hurtful words pass my ears And echo in my head   “I'm too ugly”
Chase your Dreams Never let them go I wish it were that easy Mine are lies I scream and I scream but not my thoughts they dont come out they haunt my sleep and pound my brain 
Enough! Enough! I’ve said I’ve had enough! I am done with this infatuation. I'm done with lying and having to bluff. I am done with the wasted affection.
Guess what? To be a teacher, You need to know what you're doing. Don't ask the class "Wait is the right?" Everyday.
If only I could surpass this state. If only I had the means. If only I wasn’t dealt this fate. If only I could be seen. If only.
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