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I bleed everyday and wonder if it’s worth the pain.They say grow up, you’ll be out of the phase soon,but what if it isn’t just a phase what if its just an everyday thing.
If ever, One day Your children  Find the love letters I’ve wrote you Tell them This is the type of love They should search  Far and wide for Someone to teach them 
    What goes up, Must come down. So will my smile,
Time goes by I'm glad that you're gone I hated everything about you Your color,the way you tasted, even the way you looked the pain you caused me by my peers will always be in my ears there remarks on my tone
Braces are painful. It cuts your gums and you bleed. But it is worth it.
Run away though you might, you can ne'er escape The clutching and the clawing of the trees that Rip and tear and spoil earth below with their gruesome limbs and laughing branches. 
She caught me when I fell. She saved me from my own hell. She carried me when I couldn't walk; She gave me light when I saw only dark.   Behind her back I would see wings;
I bleed the riddles within the lines,  within the stanzas   So much so that I need the words of nourishment  to give me lively breaths  and keep the muscle in my chest movin  
I bleed words into emply spaces.  They crawl onto pieces of paper.  They flow in conversation.  They reside on my digital screen.   I bleed words to set me free.  They carry me when no is around.
The knife strikes the heart while the blood runs deep some use blood to make there art and they never make a peep silence is around no one makes a sound life is a mystery and we make history
What inspires me is when you don't read, you refuse to look into a world that I'm forced to perceive. What inspires me is when i sit here and bleed, lay here and shed tears, cry, cry and plead
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