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Now It Has Been Said By Poetic Heads... That I’m Pretty CLEVER When It Comes To Using Letters... That Wage Lyrical VENDETTAS WITHOUT That V Fella... Or Hiding In Cellars Because I’m NO Pretender...
Now It Seems That There Are Those... Who Think The Skills I Expose... Are JUST... Clever Rhyme Flows... Well Here’s A Big Virge Quote... That’ll Make Them CHOKE... !!!
Now ONLY Those Who Are DAFT... DON'T WORK At Their Craft... !?!
So Who’s The HARDEST And Who’s The Smartest... ?!? And Who HITS Those TARGETS Where Profit Margins Get Careers STARTED... ?!? WITHOUT Having To BARGAIN Like A WINGLESS Starling... !!!
Ya Know I've Heard It Said By Older Heads... COMPETITION Is Part of Human STRENGTH... !!!
Now It’s CLEAR That I Am ... " GIFTED " ... When It Comes To Writing Lyrics ... !!! Articulated Scriptures ... That Paint Descriptive Pictures of How It Is We’re Living ...
Poetry is not my forte. My writing is considered prosaic, And my diction is okay. The skills of mine tend to be algebraic.  So, believe me when I say I'm out of my zone.
I do not care if the matter be dark or the tone grim.I care not if what is described be gore or sin.A well-turned phrase stirs attention deep within. I do not say this merely on a whim.
I came to be challenged.I wanted to learnTo program with Python,A skill that I've earned.But now, in-between meAnd doing my best,Stands you, full of mercy,Who's teaching the rest.
She compliments me She says she admires my work I laugh on the inside but outwardly am pleasant She does not realize  that I am a mere dilettante of the weakest kind
As the wind whips within my face. The cold sharp agonizing pain brings memories of disgrace.
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