17. laugh. bully. pain. death. regret. why i write.

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I am a teacher of children and father with none I am an artist with a different frame of mind There is nothing that strikes me like the lack of trust and care Among fellow humans, what a waste and I don't dare
Click goes the shutter, Flash goes the light, She tells you, "Don't blink!" But you just might.
You accepted me when i needed you the most. you let me hold you when i needed you close. nothing but you crossed my mind but now im here, you left me behind. I let you into my heart.
Trying to cleanse the mind. Washing the blood off your hands. Attemping to forget what you said. Right before they commited suicide. You knowwhat you siad! You called him stupid and dumb,
Why did have to leave me that way Everyday it hard here with out you Why must i go through all this pain of losing you Why oh why do i miss your tender touch your sweet kisses an them sweet nothings in my ear
1 sound 2 dead 3 people found but 4 said 5 people entered apartment 6 and 7 bangs caused 8 screams and 9 police cars turned 1 left to anger and sadness level 10 10
My skin is paper Thin and weak I look for shields Over the weeks. My skin is a canvas Nice and strong Ready for painting All night long. But my time is nearing
You got a message from  Former Best Friend.
Being17. I heard the snickers of my peers. I watched as they pointed and laughed. I felt my heart break, when their fingers lead to me. Being 17. I heard the weeping the night he died. I stood aside as their family fell apart.
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