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You talk to me like I have never before felt pain.  As I am writing this, I just want to cut my wrists and feel the sting. But I won't.   I am healthy now.
I am an American citizen  Born and raised a southwestern Virginian  A member of the USA's dominion  Yet people are still of the opinion
If you divide a population By the lowest common denomination The result remains the very same While the one never fits the frame  
foaming in the throat I dragged myself over sand dunes knotted asphalt pulling the me that is not mine          
Sretno novo leto. Hvala, također.   We sit at our table of three After mass in our language (held in the real church’s basement)
say whats in the crowded space above your nose open your mouth and say it  what about the backlash what about the pain come hither  no will not shall not 
No name can fit this hollow mess of flesh,  so try another and carve a new facade  wear it today, a new one tomorrow as yesterday's skin has decayed into a rotten mesh of bruised and bloated purple-green. I know! lets create our own!
Take me to mars,So I can see all the stars,So high up to par, No need for fast cars.Alienated from this world,Just balled up and curled,Now and then wanting to hurl,Wishing I had my girl.
We left when it was still light and returned when it was about night. The moon hung in the sky with a dark cloud lampshade. Less watts than a microwave, but the power never goes out.
How high can you fly? White like the new moon, My bird in the sky; Singing a sad tune. Why are you alone?
Chills Reaching deep within my soul they breed Multiplying, festering Unable to stop them, unable to take control I retreat, trying to preserve the little sanity left 
The ones who can help but do not,say they understand andthey say it will passor it was our own faultthey understand nothing. Those who cannot help but try,know how we writhe the emotions and physical sensationswe cannot articulate, though we trywe
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