Stand up for what you believe in

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Chained to the sea  oppressed by its waves and torturous tides to conform or be prepared to die that's the decision the Little Mermaid must make  there is more than just her life at stake
My chest hurts.  It splits and aches and twists. I cannot express myself enough.  No one hears what I say, no one sees what I see. These words from my heart, from my chest, from my soul – they are the only way to describe me.
The devil himself has me quiet Yet with this pencil I will write And with this pencil I will start a riot To speak out loud without being restrained So we can tell our story and show our pain
Bullets fly Bombs explode Shrapnel flies through the air Neverending gunfire Neverending war When will the hatred end   Far off in the distance One lone soldier watches
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