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And that is how it all started: Kwame Nkrumah and his diligent compatriots succeeded in'Self Government Now'—the dream of Ghana's independence.With freedom and justice enshrined in our coat of arms, granted were we the right to choose. Choose a le
Yes, I will certainly vote But I won’t vote for liars I will not vote for backstabbers
We want all Democrats to behave As though they truly and genuinely believe In a True Democracy
Many years came, Which has now gone lame, A boy, no more I was, For it all, I verily saw. How without moderation, The elections were annulled in motion. Amidst great strife, Gone through the knife,
Hands cold. Sweat beading across my forehead but too numb to properly feel it. Deep breaths. Inspirational quotes. "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." 
My voice! You heard me right. Elections are coming. I will vote to make my speech known. My voice!
Peace, Love, Creativity, The world is ours to conquer  We spread hate instead of positivity Making the government stronger   Our rights have no voice to speak Police brutality taking over the streets
Trump became President and I got askedAre you proud to be American now?I never boasted that I was AmericanBut by the questioning of "now" and by the given smirk, I could tell that the answerWas decided for me
Crowds Cheer, Confetti Falls, Above the commotion  I hear a voice so small This is only the beginning Now start standing tall. How did I earn this title? President of the District,
A vote is the 19th amendment It is the shield for my mother, my sister, and my aunt It is the yellow stars that fall upon me It is the bruises that have been formed The blood that has been lost
I don’t want to know how to win, I only want to know how to grow. We swear that the tumor only grows on the Devil, but it grows on our Land. Her soul was ripped of it’s property and we are ripped of our choice.
Yes, he lost the election But the scary part is apparently 47 percent of my fellow Hoosiers think it's cool to say God wanted you raped and vote for him anyway, which makes me think
Vote It shouldn’t be a question Go vote Let them know that you have a voice Vote It is not a suggestion Go vote Because you have the choice
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