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For the fear of words I have..let me write... For the never dying will power within me...let me write... You can't tie me down with your narcissism... My mind is wide open..and I am up after all cataclysm...
My mind of youth, days of past so confused so deluded. Unknown grounds rocky roads, departed souls. Entwined in a world of poisonus minds, Life's trap door tryna fade the pain..The pain of life, life's pain plan.
You're the only one I need  In times of despair and tragedy Hold me intact as I'm falling apart  Keep me forward as I turn away  Be my anchor and hold me down
You wrote your own story And didn't let anyone else alter it Living in your own book And that's why we couldn't be together   f.s. yousaf
60 posts in 365 days.That's one about every 6 days.To be exact, one every 6.29310345 days.If you evened it out.But as you can see,that's not how it was.With long, empty spaces of no voice,
Poetry, indeedA simple form of flatt'ryRhyming all the time Blogging with such easeSharing really cool storiesHonestly with hope Random as can beHaikus are all the rage hereNever dull moments
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