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Because I love you, I sigh and take the food, refusing to eat. Because I love you, a fake smile, as you kiss her, I do fake. Because I love you, I’m trying to be happy, I’m trying to change!
What does poetry mean to me? It is much more than a fancy way to speak, Stringing similes and metaphors together To simpy say that "He is handsome" or "I exsist, here I am!".  
olive green and rust brown mix light streams through the leaves and catches motes betwixt lines of sun, and displays them against the bark rough and diamond-shaped of the forest, and the song of a lark  
Wait for me. I'll be there; Head held strong and arms opened wide, Ready to take the world on. My voice to reach many people, My dance moves to get people jumping, My acting to induce laughter,
Little thistle, a prickly pear, how I never saw you there. A little hair with a little vine, unbeknownst this could soon be mine
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