2020-2021Poetry Slam

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Pains nurge my eyes,Agony throbs my thighs,Affliction chokes my breast,Anxiety grips my chest. My  head beats rhythmically,What can free me physically?These pains flog me brutally,Casually, I glide into misery. Being deprived of my feelings,I figh
Water ripples Love twists As the thorns in a bush Like the crawls of yam tuber Rising above the horizons Accidentally it falls
my my heart is beating fast fast fast for you you i siad dont look down the sky is me so ride with me babby now take a pill i think you are a littel crazzy but i sitll  love you so my god is here babby ay!! so do not look down!!!
        We all desire  It needs to be reapplied Like blush on ones cheeks   
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