Greek Mythology Revamped

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The cheers of the crowed pumping of adrenalin O, how delightful is the sound of a coming War   Trumpets sing the duchess twirl  as the young Lords march the feild  
All the moon knows how to do is consume, And reflection was never enough for me Hubris- is a dangerous thing. I was 17 when we first kissed,
Her unseeing eyes see me, More clearly than I could ever have dreamed. Her kindness envelops me like sunlight,  Chasing away terrors that have haunted me since the day 
When the flowers claw their way out of the barren ground And bloom into the blue of your eyes Will I be reminded of you   I remember the day I first saw you A statue, mourning the loss 
“The old gods are dead, my darling,” he growled in my ear.  “No, they are not, my love,” the words spit from my tongue.   
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