Greek goddess

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(Her)a  Her, The queen bee, The popular girl, Dating the popular boy, She has everything a girl could ever want,
I rise up from my comfy sheets Light peeks out from the curtains like a playful child Almost like my little Persephone   I gather up my supplies
In high school Athena is known for her wisdom. always soaring never plummeting. Competing with Ares for the ultimate win. Focus and fearless as an owl cunning as a snake she always wears pure white, 
I wander through the woods at night my cellphone is my only light  I’m trying hard, with all my might, not to make a single sound.  
  Let me tell you the story Of a myth not known for glory,  Of an idea that has been forgotten And replaced with something rotten.  
The gods are not who they once were.   
Her skin is the ebony of tree bark, Her hair and her uniform are both writhing shades of blue,
Feminist or Feminazi?  No one knows the answer.  For the truth is, no one bothered to look any deeper. Instead, they look at her and smirk and sneer in disgust, Unaware of her stature as a high-ranking goddess. 
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