'2019' 'mental health' 'Abuse' 'relationships' 'drug abuse'

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Rays of the sun beaming. Overdosing upon day dreaming. Of what we could  become instead of  what we're being. Million dollar wishing,  Meanwhile penny pinching is the life  we're living.
I didn't think that getting older would be as bad as getting sober It’s like my mind's been trynna to escape me Suicide thoughts, been having them on the daily
Anxiety of Argos   The man breathes wisps of vape smoke Kinding the twitches And thoughts that churn the covers in a teenage bed
What do you see When you see my eyes? You may see who I have been. You may see who I want to be. But all I want to be is he. He who is whole.
Tic-Tac-Toe. Three in a row. I must confess, I'm cold. Baby, I'm cold. I'm a heartbreaker. But love fills our lungs like air and we must breathe it in.
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