'Gun Violence' 'loss' 'shooter' 'school shooting'

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Kindergarten classrooms have fun little rhymes everywhere.  Some help with spelling, others rules, still others hold the instructions for an active shooter. Elementary school kids know their multiplication tables 
Hushed whispers create a caucophony of noise as we try not to make sound. Our techer tells us to blockade the classroom. The panic sets in as we fear we will be found.   Footsteps are heard from the halls.
I wouldn’t be surprisedIf I ever diedDue to arms belonging to my own kind But I know before I dieOnce I pray the pain subsidesI’ll have everything on my mind
Guns are like cars that hit people  To the point where they fall to the ground  laying there in a pool of blood. Guns have the power to take over one's life, like a person being put under a witch’s spell.
A normal day Just like any other He wakes up parents dead sister scared He goes to school. She calls a friend  who calls the cops. School goes into lockdown, parents are called.
Today, May seventh my friend heard gunshots He saw blood on the ground Two shooters Brought a kid unto their end.   He knew them by name One was a friend Shot eight more.  
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