' 'Abuse 'rape

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i used to be a mirror a picture of pristine perfection a beautiful girl with a beautiul frame then i was shattered who was to blame? a rapist a liar my own family
I'm not the same person I was before He didn't listen to me when i said no more I was just something he couldn't resist Seriously that fucking man just had to persist
I want to run away I want to run away I want to be in your arms while being as far away your eyes, your eyes I hate your eyes
Man painted yellow, man painted blue I see you in the midnight dew you yell at me and I quiver can you not be so bitter after a month you’re still the same
You cascade down my cheek and never want to leave Growing old of age by the end of the day, but return the next day. You like to follow me around because you find me alone
You’re awfully close to perfection even your scent lingers after years without vision am I mad or is because you’re so rad? No, I’m mad because you’re so awfully close to perfection
he’s soft and nostalgic a world so prolific I want him, I want him and she dances above him he closes his eyes
All I ever did was give you everything I had to give The Flower, just a sprout I let you hold my budding heart Those petals were promises that you plucked without a thought
Do you remember me? Do you remember the way you pulled at my hair? Bit my shoulders Thighs Legs The way you hit me Leaving marks of yourself over me The way you flung money on my face
You came into my life  Being a lowlife  I was a kid  And you were a pig    You pushed me on the bed 
It was a hot September day and the sun was shining That field should have been warm and inviting Instead it was the place you beat me It was the place that you raped me
I remember not the innocent death of my smile. For it was all but innocent.  My smile was murdered by those with the twisted faces And shadowed bodies
Torn, The new lace underwear lay in a pile at the doorway. Seam broken wide, ripped from its skin, The body thrown aside. Like the underwear, The body serves only as a trophy in the path of the house
The day i was pulled into that closet,  i got onto a plane. she was there too, the destination was depression and pain and i caught it like a flu.   On the same flight . but different destinations,
they say that Medusa was the villain. wrong and evil, a force against nature, and yet all at once a victim of her own malfeasance. and yet, in "re-writing" a myth, we bring to light
Turning eighteen and running away is how I "glowed up" and that's sad to say. Trying to act grown, I moved four hours away. To be hurt by a man and that was not okay.
Azizah, you won’t understand it now, but u will eventually I’m sorry for the thoughts that came when I wasn’t ready to be,.A mother to you and loyal to me.forever felt permanent but you are the keyto my heart and my soul.
It’s 2003 and I had just been born Of course my young parents were torn, Dear mother wanted to keep me, And father… didn’t He Couldn’t Wouldn’t
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