Poetry Slam: Glow-Up

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I felt it in the wind knotting my hair. I felt it as my eyes squinted to the sun. I felt it as the radio played And the air blew on my face.   I was in control Of life, fate, and death.
When I was ten I learned of ends. I moved away from my best friends. My eyes were dry, they said "goodbye" That was the hottest day in July. Since then I have made my amends.
The hand I first grabbed within the firstfew moments of my life,The hand I first held into within my firstfew stepsthe hand I held when crossing the street,the hand I held when I was afraid,
To want is not to need; or is it? Is what you crave necessary for your being? Sixteen. Love. A powerful drug.  Mind altering, overwhelming emotion. What is more important, 
I don't know myself I was myself But not anymore. Looking at myself  This isn't my face This is not me This isn't my look. Looking through my soul Looking through my reflection
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